Each Project is comprised of an overview of the Project Requirements, approach to solve the problem, step by step instructions to perform, guidance on what to learn to perform the steps, technical overviews of each step, quizzes, feedback on submission and Certification.

Yes, after you successfully complete and project and submit it on the Code4X portal, you will be given Feedback as well a Certificate.

Yes of Course. We strongly recommend you to take up as many projects as possible to build your Project Portfolio in your CV. The more projects you show, the better you learn and the higher your chances of a better placement.

Yes, you will have a Project Mentor or Guide who will provide you Feedback on your Submission.

That's easy. Each project contains step by step instructions on what chapters/topics on the subject to study and detailed instructions /guide to complete them. If you follow them, you are done. You would get enough hint to be able to successfully complete the project.

Yes, you can post your questions on the Portal and our student consultants will help you.

We conduct regular career sessions and creating an impactful CV is a key topics that we discuss regularly. You may refer to one of our past session videos or join one of the upcoming ones from the Events section of Code4X site.

Yes, you can request for your Final Project Report to be signed.

Reach out to us anytime on phone or email if you have any questions...

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Step by Step Instructions

Detailed instructions to follow to complete the Projects. You learn as you do.

Study Guidance and Code Hints

You will get specific instructions on what to study and code hints to complete the Project smoothly.

Submission Feedback and Certification

Senior industry professionals will provide you with detailed feedback on your Project submission. You earn a Certificate at the end of each Project.

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