Apply as an Instructor and earn Commission as your Courses Sell

Code4X is a democratized platform where anyone can come and sell their Micro Modules on any Digital Topics

If you are great in any Digital Technologies such as Full Stack, Programming Languages, JavaScript Frameworks, DevOps, Cloud, Data Engineering, Data Science, Generative AI, and Neural Networks, you may join the Code4X Platform as a Trainer to Build and Sell Micro Modules on various trending Technology Skills that would help aspiring IT Engineers. 

How to become a Trainer on Code4X

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Becoming a trainer is a simple process on Code4X. All you need to do to get started is to reach out to us by filling your details on the form on this page. We will get in touch with you and explain the details like, Course building Course setup on the Platform and so on. There are quality criteria and checks that you have to factor in and we will explain how you can create very high quality Courses that would attract and benefit the maximum number of learners.
Your Courses should comply with our Quality norms which will be shared with you. For each course sold, you would receive a commission which is at the best rate in the market among all prominent EdTech Courses. We will establish an agreement with you for that.
Building High Quality Courses is easy.
Here are some tips:
1. Choose a topic which you are an Expert on.
2. Plan your Content, Code, Video Making and Editing like a Mini Project.
3. Execute your project. Keep Learning and iterating to Improve.